Sarah Claman


Beauty & the Beast

Duo with Ferran Besalduch on bass sax. Contrast, yes, but who’s to say where the beast ends and the beauty begins? Recorded in September 2017, Badalona.


Looking Around with Sadness – Joma

This animation is part of an exhibition by Catalan artist, Joma, entitled “Us and Them”. Original music by Sarah Claman.

MMI Festival 2016


Photos by ©özlem kinik from the MMI Festival in Munich in July/August 2016 with the Discordian Community Ensemble (Barcelona).

Freakatoni Witchy Weekends


As part of the Improvisation Summer Course 2017 organised by Katie Duck, I participated in the Music and Dance workshop led by Manuela Tessi at OT301 in Amsterdam.
This is the result of the two weeks work, play and contemplation.
You can find a full log of the Freakatoni performances on Katie’s website.


Violin Duet with Mario do Mar at MIA 2017

Photos courtesy of Paulo Leal Duarte.

Audio footage of the Duet can be heard here, from the broadcast on Antena 2 (Portugal) on the 4th of June 2017.

MIA 2017 on Refletor – Camerata MIA

This MIA I had the pleasure of forming part of the group Camerata MIA in an interpretation of Medieval Impro Suite.

Camerata MIA:

Sofia Borges (percussion)

Paulo Chagas (flute/oboe)

Sarah Claman (violin)

Helena Espvall (cello)

Paulo Galão (clarinet)

Manuel Guimaraes (organ)

Fernando Guiomar (guitar)


This is a broadcast on Antena 2 (Portugal) in the programme Refletor on the 21st of May 2017.

Fishy Business





Footage from Il Sole in Cantina, Groningen (NL), 21st of January 2017.

Fishy Business is:

Sarah Claman – Violin

Pau Sola Masafrets – Cello

Jonathan Nagel – Double-bass


Lilburn Duos for Two Violins

One half of Moana Quartet, Ariadna Rodríguez (violin) and myself performed 4 of the Douglas Lilburn (NZ) Duets at La Destil·leria in Mataró.





Oorsprong Curators Series



At Plantage Dok, Amsterdam, on 28-11-2016 with:

Jan Willem van der Ham (bassoon + alto sax)

Ryoko Imai (percussion)

Sarah Claman (violin)


La veu de les cendres


Sound installation by Rafael Cañete Fernández. More info here

La veu de les cendres (The voice from the ashes) is a sound installation that contains some of the poems from the Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters in a set of cassettes which can be played in any of the three walkmans scattered around the space. These poems tell the life stories about every single villager from Spoon River, a fictional town located in the United States of America during the early years of the 20th century. In the shape of an epitaph, these poems tell us general and particular facts that allow us to link each character with the others.

When the spectator enter into the installation space, he will find four pedestals: one of them contains a little box full of cassettes and the other three have a Walkman. The spectator is free for took a cassette and play it in any Walkman of the room. He can play the three walkmans together if he want. In these cassettes he will hear the poems from Anthology of Spoon River, but there is also something more: Recordings of musical improvisations inspired by every single character, performed by Sarah Claman, that will blend with the voice of the poems generating a musical atmosphere for the whole space.

The natural non-linear narrative of the Spoon River Anthology breaks, using the sound, the last wall of order and time that the paper can’t break. The spectators need to listen the stories and try to find the existing relations between them, or lose themselves in a cacophonic aesthetic chaos. Patience and to listen carefully are the only ways for accessing to the narrative content of this artwork.