Moana Quartet


Moana (n)     1. (Mãori) Body of water; e.g. sea, ocean, large lake

At the Conservatori Superior de Música del Liceu in Barcelona, 2013, Moana Quartet began. In its original formation, the Quartet undertook studies with the cellist, Arnau Tomàs of the Casals Quartet.

Currently, Moana Quartet is:

Sarah Claman / Ariadna Rodríguez Masafrets (violins)

Anna Ribera Gironell (viola)


Clara Manjón Sánchez (cello)

For Moana Quartet, Moana has a special meaning. As water gives life, the Quartet gives life to music, classical and contemporary.

Water is versatile and so is Moana Quartet. The Quartet collaborates with other musicians on a regular basis, performing a wide range of repertoire in a wide range of formations.

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