La veu de les cendres


Sound installation by Rafael Cañete Fernández. More info here

La veu de les cendres (The voice from the ashes) is a sound installation that contains some of the poems from the Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters in a set of cassettes which can be played in any of the three walkmans scattered around the space. These poems tell the life stories about every single villager from Spoon River, a fictional town located in the United States of America during the early years of the 20th century. In the shape of an epitaph, these poems tell us general and particular facts that allow us to link each character with the others.

When the spectator enter into the installation space, he will find four pedestals: one of them contains a little box full of cassettes and the other three have a Walkman. The spectator is free for took a cassette and play it in any Walkman of the room. He can play the three walkmans together if he want. In these cassettes he will hear the poems from Anthology of Spoon River, but there is also something more: Recordings of musical improvisations inspired by every single character, performed by Sarah Claman, that will blend with the voice of the poems generating a musical atmosphere for the whole space.

The natural non-linear narrative of the Spoon River Anthology breaks, using the sound, the last wall of order and time that the paper can’t break. The spectators need to listen the stories and try to find the existing relations between them, or lose themselves in a cacophonic aesthetic chaos. Patience and to listen carefully are the only ways for accessing to the narrative content of this artwork.