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Some Parts of the Back of Beyond [Performance]

Here is a video of “Some Parts of the Back of Beyond”, choreographed and performed by Emma-Jane Martin, with original score by Joan Cot Ros and tech by Hannah Jelly. Performed at the Winter Dance Symposium, Performance Centre Falmouth, January 2013. The musicians are: Ferran Samper (Percussion), Alex Gonzalez (Guitar), Kiko Ujaque (Bass), Jordi Montasell (Trombone) and myself on violin.


Some Parts of the Back of Beyond

The lovely Emma-Jane Martin choreographed this piece in which she appears solo, exploring movements inspired by the saying “The Back of Beyond”. Joan Cot Ros collaborated with Emma to compose the music of this piece and I appear on the tracks playing the violin. You can listen to the third movement of the piece here (click on “Some Parts of the Back of Beyond” and then “Escolta-la”, which means “listen to it” in Catalan). I will update with performance dates for the piece!

Música per tres percussionistes i violí

Written by Joan Cot Ros in 2010 and premiered by Ben Cerigo (Cymbals), Joan Cot Ros (Marimba), Josh Cottam (Timpani, Woodblock, Toms) and myself on violin, this piece is an exploration of Sul G violin timbres and various percussive instruments. Best listened to with good speakers and time to relax and become absorbed in the texture.

Per Violí i Piano

I commissioned this piece from Joan Cot Ros for my final degree recital in 2011. It is a duet for violin and piano (here performed by myself and Tom McGrath) in three movements with the third movement a small solo for the violin. The violin and piano parts are scored, but they do not have a defined relation to each other – the piece is open to a fresh interpretation by the performers each time. Thank-you to Joan for this piece and to Tom for interpreting and performing it with me.