Sarah Claman


Month: February, 2016

BCN impro fest


On Tuesday night at the Sala Fènix in Barcelona I joined forces with Clara Lai (piano), Almudena Vega (flute) and Ilona Schneider (voice) in what was a magical set of free improvised pieces.

Here’s the first review from A Jazz Noise of the night and a second one of the festival in its entirety from Jazz Journal.



Duet Claudàtor + Jordina Millà


On the 15th of November 2015, the Duet had the pleasure of inviting Jordina Millà (piano) to do a free improvisation session in Mataró at the Aula de Música Masafrets.

This is just a snippet of a whole day full of experimentation, exploration and, of course, improvisation. In this piece we took the idea of “Scribbling” from John Stevens’ book, Search and Reflect.  A workbook for free improvisers and those wishing to educate using free improvisation. Recomendable!

Duo for Violin and Cello – T. Hosokawa


Toshio Hosokawa. Duo for Violin and Cello (1999).

Recording by Duet Claudàtor. Repertoire that we’re excited to be working on as part of our show, In/Escrit.



Nocturna Discordia #47


An extract from Nocturna Discordia #47 at Soda Acústic in Barcelona, 11/11/15

Free improvised live session by:

Jordina Millà (piano)

Ferran Besalduch (bass & nino saxes)

Sarah Claman (violin)