Sarah Claman


Solo at the Fundació Miró



Sarah Claman (violin), Josafath Larios (percussion) and Sebastián Vidal (guitars) have gotten together in the spirit of musical game to present a sonic journey.

Treeplet is an international treeo, based in Barcelona. Their treeangle (New Zealand, Mexico, Chile) brings them inspiration that blooms on stage by use of tools such as rhythmic game, timbre exploration and improvisation.

Antipodal Suites

Live in Brussels


Original music by Sarah Claman (violin), live in Brussels at Exit Lab. 08.10.2017.



This is an excerpt from the piece, Sǟniya, written by Gerard Valverde and myself.


Winner of the Beca Horta Sonora 2018 – Nitrato de Chile


Sarah Claman – Conduction

Gerard Valverde – Live Electronics

Agrupació de música tradicional “Pepe Penya” de Foios – Performance


Sǟniya is piece is for an ensemble of traditional Valencian instruments (dolçaines and tabals) with live electronics.

The piece centres on a conducted improvisation that uses gestures and sonic materials from the Valencian music tradition as well as sounds from agricultural machineries that harness the energy of water (mills, conveyors, pumps, etc.).

Taking the orchards and fields as a geographic and metaphorical space, it explores the confrontation between water as a chaotic natural element and the use (control) of this water by humans as an energy source and political resource. This dichotomy is the characteristic element of the piece. Friction is established between the “predictability” of direction, timbre, gesture and form and the “unpredictability” granted by the freedom of choice within the musical improvisation.

Den Boer & Claman, “Low Hum”


An original den Boer – Claman instant composition, accompanied by some sporadic low hums. Is it just Amsterdam traffic, or are some of them Tartini Tones?

Miriam den Boer Salmón (violin)
Sarah Claman (violin)


Steyer & Claman Duet


Improvised duet by Edith Steyer (clarinet) and Sarah Claman (violin). Berlin, 11.10.17

Kiwi Smørrebrød EP


Two Danes, a New Zealander and a German in a basement.

Recorded live to mono 1/4″ tape.

Sarah Claman (NZ) – Violin
Jonathan Nagel (DE) – Contrabass
Asger Thomsen (DK) – Contrabass
Daniel Sommer (DK) – Drums

October 12, 2017. Berlin.

Lop-Sided & Brian Riordan at STEIM

Live footage from the Lop-Sided String Quartet’s collaboration with STEIM’s composer in residence, Brian Riordan on 5.10.17 in Amsterdam.

Lop-Sided is:

Sarah Claman (violin)

Maya Felixbrodt (viola)

Pau Sola (cello)


Laura Nygren (double bass)

Contact Mic Improvisation


An excerpt from a new experiment with:

Pau Sola (cello)

Sarah Claman (violin)


Gerard Valverde (live electronics)